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NutraPrice Probiotics Has Over 40 Billion Living Units to Help You Look & Feel Your Best:

  • Tackle Any Digestive Issue Like IBS, Bloating, Candida, or Irregularity
  • Chase Away Brain Fog & Unhealthy Cravings
  • Living Colony Forming Units for Long Lasting Results
  • Turn Back Time with Balanced Gut Bacteria!


NutraPrice Probiotics Has Over 40 Billion Living Units to Help You Look & Feel Your Best:

  • Tackle Any Digestive Issue Like IBS, Bloating, Candida, or Irregularity
  • Chase Away Brain Fog & Unhealthy Cravings
  • Living Colony Forming Units for Long Lasting Results
  • Turn Back Time with Balanced Gut Bacteria!

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When’s the Last Time You Felt Great?

Over the years, the unhealthy foods we eat can wreak havoc on our bodies (even if we’re physically active). The sugars, starches, and chemicals destroy the natural probiotics in your body and leave you feeling groggy, tired, slow, and heavy. With NutraPrice’s brand new formula, you can change all that and get back to feeling your best.

40 Billion Living CFUs in Every Serving

Every time you take NutraPrice Advanced Probiotics, you’re giving your body 40 billion living colony forming units. These CFUs band together to grow in between servings and fight back against the bad bacteria in your gut. Each new serving helps establish a stronger, more effective probiotic army.

Patented Stomach-Acid Protection

In order to get the most out of your probiotic, you need to make sure each of those 40 billion CFUs are alive and well by the time they reach your digestive tract. With our patented Stomach Acid technology, NutraPrice is guaranteed to survive the harsh environment of your stomach and reach your GI at full power.

  • Unique NutraPrice Strains & How They Can Help Change Your Life

Lacto Plantarum

  • A powerful digestive strain that has shown incredible promise in the treatment of countless digestive issues, like IBS and bloating, by suppressing the growth of gas-producing bacteria.


  • A dietary fiber version of a probiotic, used to help produce vitamins inside your body that can help prevent certain intestinal diseases. Recent studies have also highlighted its potential as a belly-fat buster.

Lacto Paracasei

An anti-infalmmatory probiotic strain that not only targets digestive diseases, but can also help boost daily energy levels and mood. High levels of Lactobacillus Paracasei can lead to healthier food choices and better overall mental health.

  • More and More Doctors Are Recommending NutraPrice Probiotics

Don’t take chances with your health — get the #1 daily probiotic that doctors recommend and build your gut army today.

Unfortunately, the fountain of youth doesn’t really exist yet. But there’s nothing closer to turning back the hands of time, then finding a high-quality probiotic that’s guaranteed to build living colonies in your gut. That gut balance can have tremendous effects on your mental and physical health, and no one knows that better than medical advisors and doctors.

  • Experience Total Body Rejuvenation in 60 Days or Less

You’d be surprised how fast NutraPrice’s blend of living probiotics can help you feel better. Within one week you could start to notice less bloating (including a slimmed down face & figure).

Five living colonies of probiotics are starting to form in your body. Around week two or three, you can start waking up feeling refreshed and rested. The probiotics fighting in your gut help regulate your sleep cycles, helping you start every day on the right foot.

NutraPrice has had almost 6 weeks to form healthy, bacteria-fighting colonies in your body. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling more energetic and motivated to get stuff done. IBS sufferers could start to finally break free from the years of sludge and toxic build up.

After two months of NutraPrice you should feel like a new person: more energy, less bloating, healthier food choices, looser fitting clothes, less digestive issues, and a clearer head are all possible. Time to cut your daily dose in half and maintain your new, balanced gut biome.

NutraPrice Dr. Stern Activia Neu Probiotics

Targets Digestive Issues & GI Tract

Fortified with Stomach Acid Protection

Guaranteed Living CFU's

40 Billion Units

Number of Strains





90-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Join the millions of Americans who have experienced the power of living probiotics. Five unique strains, 40 billion CFUs. Order NutraPrice Advanced Probiotics today and cleanse your entire body in 60 days or less!
  • It’s Time to Feel Like Yourself Again
  • NutraPrice’s Living Probiotics Can Help You Feel Lighter, Healthier, and Happier
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  • My Three Month Journey
  • Believe me when I say there’s nothing quite like REAL probiotics. Not the ones you find over the counter at the big chains, but taking real, living strains every day. I felt the difference by the end of the second week and by one month i literally felt more energetic than I have in a decade. There’s so much built up gunk in our bodies that we don’t know about, fighting back was the best thing I’ve ever done.

    - Chris Kingsbery
    Verified NutraPrice Customer
  • There’s a Reason NutraPrice Probiotics Are Trending on Social Media — Our Customers Love It!
  • Top Questions Our Customers Ask

How is my order shipped?

We ship all national orders via USPS first class mail with delivery confirmation. International orders are shipped via FedEx with a tracking or a local international carrier with tracking.

Are your Probiotics safe to take with other medication?

Our premium probiotics are natural and generally considered safe. However, we always recommend speaking with your doctor or medical advisor before starting any new program.

How long does shipping usually take?

You can expect to see your order in 2 to 5 days. Though some orders usually take a little longer if the product is rare or stock is low.

What is inside NutraPrice Probiotics?

When it comes to NutraPrice formulas, we believe in total transparency.

Our formula includes 40 Billion Living Colony Forming Units. (Which basically means, there are 40 billion living probiotics in each serving, each of which form self-sustaining groups so your gut bacteria can more easily balance itself out - even when you miss a few servings.)

Those 40 billion units are delivered using five different strains that are considered the most powerful probiotic strains:


  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei
  • Fructooligosaccharide

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes we do! Every order is backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee.

Can I track my order?

Yes! Once you place an order with us you will receive a tracking link in your shipping confirmation email within a few business days. It sometimes takes up to 5 days for tracking status to appear in our system.

Can’t I just get the same benefits by eating yogurt or drinking dairy?

While it’s true that dairy and yogurt have probiotics, you’d have to eat about 12 cups of yogurt a day to get the same benefits as one serving of NutraPrice probiotic.

If you choose to use just one probiotic in your daily routine, a supplement is far more packed with living units. However, many members of our team and many customers choose to take NutraPrice and also have a cup or two of yogurt every day.

I have more questions, how can I get answers?

You can contact our customer service team here contact page and we’ll be happy to help!

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