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Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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    What is Molecular Distillation?

    Simply put, Molecular Distillation is the process of separating contaminants, chemicals, preservatives, and toxins from fish oil.

    The popularity of fish oil has caused a huge manufacturing problem. Thousands of companies are buying crude fish oil that has been sitting on transport ships for up to 30 days. These oils have been chemically treated, bleached, and even crystallized when the temperature drops.

    That’s why you see so many products with rancid fish odors and very little active Omega 3s. NutraPrice’s Molecular Distillation restores fish oil to its original state, leaving nothing but pure, odorless oil packed with active Omega-3s.

    Superior Fish for Superior Results

    Most commercial fish oil companies today are using the oil from Tilapia because it’s cheap and plentiful. But the disturbing truth is - Tilapia is a bottom feeding fish whose diet consists mostly of waste from other fish. That is simply not how you create a healthy fish oil.

    Instead, NutraPrice only uses Wild-Caught South American Anchovies. They are rich in nutrients and they are one of the only fish who have not been effected by oceanic pollution. (Even tuna and salmon have been found with stomach’s full of plastic bits!)

    Starting with superior fish like South American Anchovy allows us to finish with a superior fish oil supplement.

    Heart Disease & Plaque

    A new study has shown that heart disease is the leading cause of death world wide.

    And additional research shows, heart disease is not just dangerous when it is fatal. Some other heart disease symptoms include: Nausea, Indigestion, Stomach Pain, Heartburn, Inflammation, Fatigue, and Sleep Apnea.

    In fact, some patients only reported feeling more tired on a daily basis, only to find out they had early signs of heart disease. Whether it’s genetics, diet, exercise level, or an unknown environmental factor - we all need to be proactive when protecting against heart disease.

    The Problem with Traditional Fish Oils

    Traditional fish oils cannot supply the necessary amount of active Omega-3s your body needs to fight inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Most of the over the counter fish oils you find, do not use molecular distillation to purify fish oils from pollution, or maximize the available omega-3s in the fish oil.

    The fish oil used (mostly from the bottom feeding fish Tilapia) sits on crude oil ships and tankers for up to 5 months at a time. Leading to foul odors and broken Omega-3 chains. Without molecular distillation, those fish oils are hardly beneficial at low daily doses.

    Purified and Powerful

    The good news is, not all fish oils are created the same. Molecular distillation is the scientific breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.

    Thought it may cost a little extra, the benefits far outweigh cost. After distillation, our oils are left with nothing but pure, contaminant-free, South American Anchovy oil to help improve heart, body, and mind.

    America’s Favorite Fish Oil.
    Purified means Optimized!

    The truth is - most companies know exactly how to make a great fish oil product, but they just don’t care enough to do it. It takes a few extra steps and costs a little bit more to manufacture, but that’s what NutraPrice does best. We take the extra steps to create something pure and effective.

    The Top 3 Things That Can
    Keep Fish Oil From Working

    With thousands of fish oil companies on the market today, it’s hard to know which products will actually do what they’re supposed to do. We’ve highlighted a few mistakes companies make, and how NutraPrice is different.

     Fish Oil Problem #1 - More is Not Always Better

    A lot of companies focus on the amount of fish oil you can get into one serving. But that’s not the important part. The important part is gettin the right ratio of EPA and DHA, while ensuring that both of those Omega-3s are pure and active.

    Having 700mg of DHA and 900mg of EPA doesn’t mean anything if the fish oil has been expiring under the hot sun on a commercial fishing tanker. When you see these large numbers, it’s probably because it takes 700mg of normal DHA to have the same effect as 100mg of molecular distilled DHA.

     Fish Oil Problem #2 - Choosing the Wrong Fish

    It really can’t be stated enough - the time for using Tilapia has come and gone. And with in-creasing oceanic pollution, the time for moving on from salmon and mackerel is almost here as well.

    Research has shown for quite some time, the cleanest and strongest fish oil comes from anchovies, whose diet consists of recently hatched fish of all species. Meaning they get all the benefits of salmon, mackerel, tuna, and more - but before they become polluted.

    Anchovies get all the strongest nutrients at the source, and NutraPrice gets the strongest fish oil from those same anchovies.

     Fish Oil Problem #3 - Focusing on Absorption

    The best part about Molecular Distillation is it can enhance absorption of the anchovy’s powerful EPA and DHA.

    Most over the counter fish oils don’t have that advantage, meaning the majority of the serving size is passing right through your body. Studies have shown that the average fish oil only has a 7-10% absorption rate. Meaning if it says 700mg of DHA, your body is only getting 70mg of DHA.

    NutraPrice’s molecular extraction technique can help your body get all of the recommended Omega-3s.

    The War Against Heart Disease Continues

    The intention of NutraPrice Pure Fish Oil is to give all of us the advantage against this world-wide problem. This doctor-recommended solution is our best tool to fight against the dangers of heart disease.

    And with NutraPrice’s Molecular Distillation, we’re closer than we’ve ever been. Just take one serving a day, and experience the wonderful benefits that make Fish Oil the #1-selling supplement across the country.

    Risk-Free Benefits for 90 Days!

    We know how hard it can be to shop online. You need to make sure you’re getting the right supplement for you and your loved ones. That’s why we offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee.

    Shop with peace of mind, knowing you’re totally protected!

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    Way too early to determine the "effectiveness" of this product. It was purchased to help increase good cholesterol and decrease the bad.
    However, it is fair to say there have been no fishy taste with this product. Additionally, the shipment was quick.

    gwen zanellato

    NureaPrice has an excellent customer service with excellent communication. I was not able to try the Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids but it has excellent reviews.

    Robert F.
    Great Purchase

    The ordering was easy and the fish oil arrived on time. Everything was great with this purchase.

    Omega 3

    Does a good job of reducing inflammation. Has helped tremendously with my tennis elbow

    Jeffrey conner
    Fish oil

    Helps my joints, thanks.