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Beauty Benefits of Fish Oil!

Lots of us use a bewildering lineup of products, but clear, blemish-free skin feels almost unachievable. Surprisingly, the answer we’re looking for isn’t in expensive creams and makeup. The answer doesn’t lie on top of our skin, it lies deep within, in the nutrients that we eat.

Following a healthy skincare regimen throughout the year is the best way to support your skin for the long haul. But your diet also plays a hugely important role! Case in point: The omega-3 benefits found in fish oil simply can't be ignored.

Like so many of Mother Nature’s powerhouse nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids don’t just target one part of your body, but rather work their magic from head to toe. Foods that are rich in these fats, like salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts, also play an important role in maintaining healthy skin.

If you're not getting enough omega-3s in your diet, it's important to understand what you may be missing out on — and how to turn the situation around!

#1 Anti-Aging

Your skin’s health declines as you age - losing collagen and deteriorating lipid barriers can give rise to early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. This can be countered by the effect fish oil has on the bilayer which helps retain moisture in your skin for a more moisturized and softer texture. Also, hydrated lipids can keep your skin looking physically plump, leaving no room for any aging signs to show up. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids helps support your skin’s structure, reducing the appearance of fine lines. That is why, supplementing your diet with fish oil can help inhibit signs of aging and help maintain that lovely, youthful glow.

#2 Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation in the body is directly connected to many skin, hair, and health issues. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil can help inhibit inflammatory molecules which further help maintain good health. It can also help with everything from heart health, sleep troubles, pain prevention, bone preservation, and even cancer prevention. It also soothes and heals inflammation in the digestive system, which helps maintain good gut health and keeps many gut-related issues at bay. And you know what they say - a happy gut is the key to good skin!

#3 Sun-Protectant

A major advantage of consuming fish oil is that it can help protect against the harmful effects UVA and UVB sun rays have on your skin. This is because of its unique combination that helps reduce your skin’s sensitivity to sun exposure. Fish oil has also been associated with reducing damage to the skin and guarding it against sunburn, tanning, and excessive dryness caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

#4 Acne-Repellant

While breakouts in youth tend to subside once the hormones that trigger acne settle down, adult acne has no set endpoint. Tackling the problem takes a holistic approach that involves topical solutions, managing stress, and taking a close look at your diet - and this is where a good quality Omega 3 fish oil supplement can play such a vital role.

Taking Omega 3 supplements for acne could make your skin less prone to spots and blemishes. Not only do the essential fatty acids in Omega 3 fish oil benefit the skin by soothing your body’s inflammatory response to excess bacteria, but they can also tackle the root of the problem by helping to regulate acne-causing hormones, such as testosterone and androgen.

#5 Acne Scars Reducer

Unless you’re Harry Potter, chances are you won’t see scars as a magical talking point. When you’re taking Omega 3 supplements to help acne, you might also notice an improvement in scarring, due to the effect of the long-chain fatty acid EPA.

Consuming fish oil is also known to have a beneficial effect on collagen and elastin in your body, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Taking fish oil for acne scars could also help treat the red, inflamed-looking keloids that particularly severe lesions leave behind.

Eating a healthy diet full of antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies plays a big part in keeping your skin looking good. But a good quality fish oil, rich in omega-3 is a must on the menu. That’s because, as well as being great for our heart, brain, and eye health, omega-3 fatty acids play an essential role in the very structure of your skin.