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The Physical Effects of Mental Health

We all wake up the same.

We open our eyes and go one with our day in a billion directions. From the morning workaholics to the gym junkies, we all take different paths for our days, both physically and mentally, but how does the way we feel mentally affect the way our body performs?

The mind and body are always viewed as separate entities, however mental and physical health are connected more than you would know. If you were to say, wake up in a bad mood feeling as if the world is against you, you’ll tend to feel extremely drained, exhausted, anxious, and short tempered versus if you were to wake up feeling all bright like the world was singing to you, you’ll go about your day feeling lively, energized and more understanding towards the inconveniences of life.

Being in a good, stable mental space can prevent serious health conditions and will overall assist in keeping you healthy and happy while poor mental health can often lead to poor physical health and/or harmful behavior which will evidently decrease your enjoyment of how you live.

Depression has been linked to numerous chronic illnesses/diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and asthma. Mental health conditions make coping and handling different illnesses much more difficult. Statistics show that the mortality rate from cancer and heart disease are significantly higher amongst people suffering with depression and/or other mental health conditions.

People with mental health conditions also tend to have the highest rate of sleep problems like insomnia and sleep apnea. 50%-80% of people with mental health conditions suffer from sleep disorders versus the 10%-15% of the general population.

We know all of this sounds scary but being aware of the possible physical consequences of mental health conditions will make you even more capable of assessing it and working on it. You may be physically drained without even considering that this could be a cause of the state of your mental health. So where do you get started?

One of the key things is to be properly diagnosed, which means getting into contact with a healthcare expert near you so you can fully understand the situation as well as have a professional opinion on the matter.

Once you’ve assessed the situation, doing some of the below self-care activities will drastically improve your mental state therefore improve your physical health.

Getting Regular Exercise:
A morning jog or a quick workout every couple of days will not only keep you physically fit but improve your mood. Regular exercise will increase your mental awareness which will in turn leave you energetic and in a good mood.

Get Enough Sleep:
Sleeping 7-9 hours a night is the average for an adult to be considered a good night's sleep. Taking 30-minute naps when you feel drained throughout the day is also a great step, it gives you a break and you’ll wake up feeling more energized, alert and calm. We want to avoid stress as much as possible.

Look Into Relaxation Techniques:
Deep breathing, yoga, meditation and focusing on your thoughts can all help when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Work on Good Mental Practices:
We know it's easier said than done but focusing on positive emotions and possibilities rather than negative feelings and paranoia is one of the most important tricks. If you think it enough, you’ll start to feel it, so it’s time to focus on the positive to feel positive.

Eat A Proper Diet:
What you put into your body affects more than your physical health, it is a major aspect to consider when discussing mental health. A diet high in fruits and vegetables while low in processed sugars and/or fats can make you feel better physically and mentally. Working with a certified nutritionist to assist you in creating an appropriate diet plan according to your needs.

Overall, your mental health is one of the most important things in your life, you deserve to live your life to the fullest and to do that, you need to give your mental health the care and attention it deserves which in return will leave you happier, healthier, and more capable of living your everyday life. We’re not saying you won't have to deal with occasional bad day, but what we are saying are those bad days will just simply be bad days and nothing more. Say hello to more positive mornings and goodbye to short tempers!